The Importance of Cleaning your Commercial Kitchen Restaurant Hood

Regular Cleaning Prevents Grease Buildup in Commercial Kitchen Ventilation

There are many local and state laws and regulations pertaining to the cleaning frequency that is required for commercial kitchen hoods in Arizona restaurants and food service facilities.  It’s important to bring in a company that knows what needs to occur, and how often the ventilation equipment needs to be cleaned. Involving experts in the process  can help increase the overall life and efficiency of the restaurant’s ventilation equipment significantly.

Kitchen Ventilation Fan

Keeping the kitchen hoods, exhaust fans, grease filters and duct work clean and sanitary is required by most local health codes.  In accordance with those codes you should adopt a regular cleaning schedule for kitchen hood equipment.  On-Site Commercial Services suggests that no system should ever go longer than six months without a cleaning, and often, more frequent cleaning is necessary. These environments include any kitchen with grease producing appliances like charcoal broilers, deep fryers or grills.  Generally, these kitchens will have a significant amount of built up grease, due to the vegetable oils often used during the cooking process.

Kitchen Ventilation Fan
Looks clean to me!
The overall amount of food being prepared or cooked will usually determine the frequency that the cleaning should occur.  Obviously, higher volume kitchens will need hood cleaning more frequently, but even kitchens with a lighter amount of usage should never be ignored.

The grease that can build up can be dangerous and can jeopardize the safety of your employees, patrons, and YOU!

Also, besides grease,  bacteria can build up in a commercial kitchen environment and unhealthy standards can exist for employees and patrons.  Respiratory illnesses or gastrointestinal issues are often common, and whenever there is a high incidence of illness that is traced back to the same restaurant, a health department inspection is usually conducted.  Any indication that the problems are related to improper cleaning of the commercial kitchen ventilation system will lead to temporary closure of the establishment until the problem is remedied. The restaurant owner faces possible fines and health or fire code violations. Don’t get your business on the local Phoenix news  because of a grease fire, or an outbreak of some bacterial  strain. Get your kitchen ventilation hoods cleaned regularly and properly. Your business could depend on it !!