Commercial Kitchen Hood Preventive Maintenance Tips


As we discussed in our previous blog, commercial kitchen fires due to improperly cleaned hoods and exhaust systems are a significant risk to restaurants. Other than cleaning your hoods, you can also implement a simple commercial kitchen hood maintenance program and reduce your risks preventively.

Here are 10 Preventive Maintenance Tips for your Commercial Kitchen Hood:

  • Keep it clean. Have a maintenance schedule to keep your hoods and exhaust system cleaned. Check out our frequency guidelines on our FAQ page.
  • Keep fan belts adjusted and inspect it for cracks and wear.
  • Check electrical wiring. Give it a visual inspection, looking for loose wires or other obvious signs of trouble or shorting.
  • Keep the grease filter clean. This should be done weekly at a minimum. If you’re cooking with more grease, you’ll need to increase this to multiple times per week. Have this added to your maintenance plan schedule.
  • Check the fan blades to make sure they’re still balanced. When the blades get dirty, they can get out of balance, which can cause damage over time. Often, cleaning the blades will take care of the imbalance.
  • Along with the fan blades are the fan blade bearings. Keep those lubricated to ensure the fan motor has as little friction as possible.
  • In addition to the fan, keep the motor lubricated.
  • Check the seals on all covers to ensure that oils, fats, and grease are not getting through these.
  • Get up on the roof and check that fan exterior. It is exposed to sun, weather, and the Arizona monsoons!
  • Do a final double-check Go over the entire system and give it a last look.


Create a written program the preventive maintenance of your commercial kitchen hood and exhaust system. Each time you do an inspection, write down the results and note any corrective action taken. A simple checklist will go a long way to keeping your restaurant kitchen safe from fires caused by improperly maintained or cleaned kitchen hoods.

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