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Certified Commercial Hood Cleaning

At ON-SITE COMMERCIAL SERVICES, we offer high-quality restaurant hood cleaning and commercial kitchen exhaust system cleaning services in the communities of Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale, Tempe, Gilbert, Chandler and the rest of Maricopa County.

3 Ways On-Site is Different than Other Companies

  1. There numerous reputable companies in the valley that do great work.  On-Site is the ONLY company includes a delivery entrance power wash. This is done each time we clean your exhaust system.
  2. Our employees have extensive background checks.  Our security clearance is so high that we are one of the few companies that are certified to clean in state prisons.
  3. We attend IKECA/PWRA conventions to keep up with the latest industry standards and protocols.

We are fire prevention company

Our job is to keep your system commercial kitchen safe as well as meeting all applicable NFPA96 guidelines.  Government statistics show that kitchen fires are by far the leading source of fires in the US.  By removing the grease, we remove a source of fuel for fires.

Are you using the best service now?

  • Are you happy when you walk into your kitchen the morning after your kitchen exhaust system was cleaned?
  • Do you have uniformed technicians that show up on time?
  • Do they service the entire system (i.e,. go on the roof and clean your fans too?)
  • Do they answer questions about your system promptly and professionally?
  • Do they provide you before and after photos?
  • Do they clean up any debris or mess they made in the course of the cleaning?

If you answered No! to any of these questions, we can help. Call today!